Vision X Vortex High Four Adapter P-HLHI4 9895475

$20.00 $22.50

For use with the Vision X LED Headlights
The adapter allows you to engages all three beam modes simultaneously to dramatically increase visibility and light output.

All Vision X Vortex LED headlights run two separate circuits for the high and low beam. If your vehicle doesn’t automatically power up the low beam circuit all while powering the high beams, then the low beam on any Vortex LED headlight will shut off at that time. Using this H4 style plug and play wire harness from Vision X, the low beam will stay illuminated while the high beam is triggered. This will give you a much better light output on high beam. Not all vehicles need this, but if your vehicle doesn’t keep the low beam lit while flipping to high beam, this is what you need for a better high beam light output.


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